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Can anyone else offer you our integrated approach to the whole processing chain - from sourcing raw material to the final real commercial application?

OUR TECHNOLOGY is here to serve you

Here is an example of one of our most current special developments:  

the manufacturing knowhow to produce your own 3-D printing feedstocks


The main advantage of this feedstock technology: it allows high SPEED printing.


We make sure to verify all our processing steps before releasing any production knowhow documents


There are no hidden issues, our technology description is equivalent to a Cooking Book, providing step-by-step instructions.

This is a schematic presentation of one of one of our main products: it shows the broad range of viscosities of our feedstocks printable with our partner printers.

More details: https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/low-binder-feedstock-now-available-for-3d-printing/


Our background


Over 50 years on the top level of advanced material technologies – assisting customers to find the best way to apply these for mutual benefit


To always be in the forefront of transferring advanced powder-based technologies to real commercial success


Cover uniquely broad field of powder processing, advanced shaping processes, high temperature heat treatment including corrosion and more… 



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